Fisio & Care  Is a Center of Physiotherapy and Osteopathy where you will find the best trained professionals. We are certified in the most innovative and effective methods of Physical Rehabilitation, which will make your therapy an unconventional experience. We are dedicated not only to the management of pain, but also to the recovery of the proper function for you to return to your activities, whether labor, domestic and / or sports. It's important that you know that all our protocols are elaborated prior through medical evaluation and physiotherapeutic where we perform a measurement of your movements, length and muscle strength, pain intensity, functional capacity among others in order to perform a personalized treatment to the needs of each patient.


To be recognized as a Physical Rehabilitation Center that offers the best service, quality and innovation, to offer our patients a personalized treatment based on functional objectives that allow the patient to be re-integrated into their daily and / or sports activities.


To be leaders at an international level in a new generation of Physiotherapy, promoting individualized treatments based on scientific evidence, offering safety to our patients through training and continuous updating, as well as always maintaining a warm attention directed to the customer service.

Lic.PT Marissa Fernandez Reyes                                                                                                                                                                     Co-Director

Lic.PT Marissa Fernandez Reyes


Lic.PT Omar Carbajal Comparan                                                                                                                                                                                                           Co-Director

Lic.PT Omar Carbajal Comparan